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Shoes by Charles Jourdan, 1967. Photo Guy Bourdin.

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I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy

because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless

and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.

— Robin Williams (via skateeofmind)

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Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it

Vogue - Madonna (part 1/2)

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Katharine Hepburn on stage in The Philadelphia Story

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“I´m not ashamed of what I am—of how I pass through this life. What I am has given me the strength to do it. At my lowest ebb I have never contemplated suicide. I value what is here too much. I have a contribution to make. I am not just take up space in this life. I can add something to the lives I touch. I don´t like everything I know about myself, and I´ll never be satisfied, but nobody´s perfect. I’m not sure where the next years will take me —what they will hold—but I´m open to suggestions.”

Lauren Bacall (September 16, 1924 ~ August 12, 2014)
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Lauren Bacall holding a globe containing her and Bogie’s bride and groom ornament from their wedding cake, 1947

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Anonymous asked: Are there many old hollywood stars still alive today?




Yes, I think the oldest is Olivia de Havilland which I’m all nervous about because she’s a doll and she just turned 98 this year and I think she’s the last of the 1930s stars now that Betty is gone :(

There’s also:

  • Kim Novak (81)
  • Maureen O’Hara (93)
  • For some reason Kirk Douglas is still alive (97)
  • Queen Betty White (92)
  • My love Rita Moreno (82)
  • Christopher Lee is still making movies! (92)
  • One that never gets any Tumblr love is Glynis Johns, she’s fab and 90!
  • Eternal Eva Marie Saint is still in demand (90)
  • Doris Day (90)
  • Angela Lansbury (88)
  • Dick Van Dike (88)
  • Jerry Lewis (88)
  • Director Mel Brooks (88)
  • Stud Sidney Poitier (87) - under strict instructions not to die
  • Sean Connery (83)
  • Harry Belafonte (87)
  • Roger Moore (86)
  • Christopher Plummer (84)
  • Tippi Hedren (84)
  • Gene Hackman (84)
  • Marni Nixon (84)
  • Joanne Woodward (84)
  • Clint Eastwood (84)
  • James Earl Jones (83)
  • Robert Duvall (83)
  • Leonard Nimoy (83)
  • Olympia Dukakis (83)
  • Leslie Caron (83)
  • Angie Dickinson (83)
  • Anita Ekberg (82)
  • Piper Laurie (82)
  • Debbie Reynolds (82)
  • Omar Sharif (82)

There’s a lot in their 70s like Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Albert Finney etc who are also not allowed to die.

This post made me feel better.

ETA: I just realized that Betty was in the 40s not 30s. Too early not enough coffee

And also Julie Andrews (79) 

And also Mary Tyler Moore (77)

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Lauren Bacall receiving her Honorary Oscar at the Governor’s Ball, c. 2009 [x]

RIP Lauren Bacall (September 16, 1924 - August 12, 2014)

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"I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that."

Betty Joan Perske aka Lauren Bacall | September 16, 1924.

R.I.P Lauren Bacall

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James Garner at Disneyland, 1950s.
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Blackpool, England on a Sixties sunny day 

No stag parties in sight! 

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Happy Weekend !!

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